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Dental Hemostats for Bleeding Control

Bleeding control is an essential aspect of any dental surgery. Excessive bleeding can complicate procedures, making it difficult for the surgeon to work. Excessive bleeding can also have physiological disadvantages and may compromise the patient outcome. To effectively control bleeding, dental hemostats are used. These come in several forms, and several combinations may be used depending on the procedure.

Explore the different types of dental hemostats available at Dental Implant Technologies®and order in confidence from our secure online store with cost-competitive pricing and the highest quality products.

Access to the Best Surgical Hemostats Will Improve Patient Outcomes

Clinicians that have access to the best surgical hemostats can ensure better surgical outcomes for their patients.

Surgical bleeding is associated with a higher risk of mortality and morbidity when looking statistically across all surgical areas. Because of the potential complications, various unique surgical hemostats have been developed to aid surgeons. While the risk of mortality and morbidity related to excessive surgical bleeding is relatively low in dental surgery (at least when compared to some of the more invasive surgeries), managing bleeding throughout a procedure is still essential.


For dental procedures, there are three main types of dental hemostats used:
  • Surgical Hemostat Clamps: Often referred to simply as hemostats, these stainless-steel handheld instruments are designed to control bleeding by grasping and manipulating tissues with clamping force to restrict blood vessels
  • Surgical Hemostat Sponges: These specialized collagen sponges are designed to quickly control bleeding by promoting hemostasis. Collagen is naturally derived and one of the most effective materials used to achieve hemostasis without pressure.
  • Surgical Hemostat Tissue Glue: This type of product is applied directly to tissue to seal wounds and control bleeding almost immediately.

Dental Implant Technologies® supplies a complete range of dental hemostats available to order today, including tissue glue, sponges, and clamps.

Kelly Hemostat Stainless Steel Clamps

Kelly hemostat clamps are supplied by dental implant technologies®. The Kelly hemostat design (also known as Kelly forceps) is a general-purpose hemostatic tool used by dental surgeons. Kelly hemostats are shaped like scissors with blunted ends. Options like the Straight Beak 140mm Kelly Hemostat (SKU: NX-HMOKS) are designed to clamp blood vessels to control bleeding.

Curved options are also available, like the 140mm Kelly Hemostat Curved (SKU: NX-HMOKC).

Browse to our hemostat category at the top of the page to see all of our available hemostat clamps.

Mosquito Hemostat Stainless Steel Clamps

Another option for clamped bleeding control is the Mosquito hemostat design. Mosquito hemostats are technically Kelly hemostats, although they typically feature smaller ends for finer manipulation and access, which is ideal for surgeries in the oral cavity.

Like the standard Kelly design, Mosquito hemostats control bleeding by clamping blood vessels. At Dental Implant Technologies®, clinicians can order Mosquito hemostat clamps in both straight and curved configurations. For professionals who routinely perform oral surgery, it’s recommended to keep both curved and straight Mosquito hemostat clamps in the surgical inventory so that the right solution is always available.

Using Collagen Sponges as Dental Hemostats

Collagen is the most efficient natural dental hemostat. When blood comes into contact with collagen, the platelets adhere to the material, spread, and become a cohesive aggregate. This stops blood flow and allows for rapid wound stabilization. Clinicians that need a dental hemostat in pad form will find that our reliable HeliSTAT® Collagen Sponges (SKU: HE-1690-ZZ) are the best option.

Derived from highly purified Type 1 bovine collagen, HeliSTAT® sponges don’t swell when controlling bleeding and they are biocompatible, making them safe for topical bleeding control.

Tissue Glue as a Hemostat for Dental Surgery

For the closure and protection of minor surgical sites, a tissue glue product can be used. Dental Implant Technologies® supplies tissue glue kits that are packed in individual doses. Specialized cyanoacrylate adhesive quickly sets to control bleeding and stabilize minor wounds and is particularly effective for smaller incisions, such as those intended to treat mucogingival defects.

Browse our tissue glues to see available products and pricing.

Order the Best Bleeding Control Hemostatic Solutions Online

Effective bleeding control allows for safer dental surgery procedures that are easily managed chairside. Dental Implant Technologies® supplies the highest quality hemostatic instruments for blood vessel clamping, as well as specialized solutions like HeliSTAT® collagen sponges and fast-acting tissue glue.

With the most extensive range, competitive prices that ensure great value, and convenient online ordering and delivery, there’s no better way to get the right hemostatic solutions for any dental clinic in the United States.

Browse all of our hemostat and other products today and order online with convenience and confidence from a leading dental supply company.