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OssGuide™ Collagen Membrane: A Reliable Solution for Guided Bone Regeneration

Guided bone regeneration is one of the most important forms of regenerative therapy used to prepare patients for implantation, or to repair defects around implants that have already been placed. For new bone to grow effectively and in compliance with the requirements of the specific restoration, a reliable barrier membrane must be used. OssGuide™ collagen membrane is an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on performance or reliability. It can be used effectively by clinicians to ensure excellent patient outcomes.

Why Do Patients Need Guided Bone Regeneration?

Guided bone regeneration, also known simply as GBR, is often indicated where a tooth has been extracted or lost and bone resorption has occurred. This can make it difficult or impossible to place dental implants that provide long-term stability. Guided bone regeneration ensures that surgeons can increase the bone volume in the area where the implant will be placed. OssGuide™ collagen membranes are essential for successful procedures.

Some form of guided bone regeneration may also be indicated where patients have already had implants placed but have suffered bone resorption due to poor implant placement or other technical difficulties.

Planning and executing a successful guided bone regeneration procedure can be a challenge for clinicians, so it’s important to ensure that every element used during surgery is fit for purpose. Reliable OssGuide™ collagen membranes minimize the risk of failure around the protective barrier of tissue and grafting materials. OssGuide™ collagen membranes offer adequate protection and support healing throughout the regeneration period.

Introducing OssGuide™ Membrane

OssGuide™ membrane for sale is an innovative, highly reliable, and technically superior collagen membrane barrier designed to be used in the most demanding guided bone regeneration procedures.

OssGuide™ membrane for sale is made from porcine-derived collagen. The natural material has been highly purified to ensure safety and biocompatibility for patients. OssGuide™ membrane for sale can be used as a barrier for guidance during periodontium treatment. Several connected pieces can be used as long-term membranes to protect bone graft materials that have been placed by the clinician. OssGuide™ membranes are also well-suited to direct adhesion over the periodontium or damaged bone, depending on the requirements of the procedure.

There are key advantages to OssGuide™ membranes that clinicians will appreciate. Regardless of the membranes that a clinician is familiar with, OssGuide™ membranes can provide technical benefits that result in better surgical outcomes.

The Unique Advantages of OssGuide™ Porcine Membrane

Choosing OssGuide™ porcine membrane will provide significant advantages in convenience, quality, and handling. These are all essential for successful surgeries.

  • Better handling with OssGuide™ porcine membrane – The flexibility of OssGuide™ porcine membrane ensures easy handling during procedures. This reduces the risk of error and eliminates wasted materials and elevated surgical costs.
  • The convenience of reliable OssGuide™ porcine membrane – As a natural collagen membrane, OssGuide™ porcine membrane rapidly hydrates and provides excellent strength and stability for convenience. There is no differentiation between the top and bottom sides.
  • Unsurpassed quality of OssGuide™ porcine membrane - OssGuide™ collagen barrier is of the highest quality exceeding established industry standards. It is slowly absorbed to ensure that a protective barrier is maintained for long-healing periods after complicated guided bone regeneration procedures.

Just as important is the fact that OssGuide™ collagen membrane is affordable. Practices, regardless of their size or clientele, can easily procure OssGuide™ collagen barriers from a leading supplier like Dental Implant Technologies®.

Specific Cases Where OssGuide™ Membrane for Sale is Used

OssGuide™ membrane for sale can be used for any guided bone regeneration procedure where a protective barrier is needed.

Some examples of surgeries where OssGuide™ membrane for sale has been successfully used include:

  • To protect the augmentation site when treating dehiscence defects, including buccal dehiscence defects.
  • To protect the augmentation site of fenestration defects.
  • To protect large augmentations for severe buccal bone fenestration.
  • To protect the augmentation site of horizontal bone defect treatments.
  • To protect the augmentation site following ridge reconstruction.
  • As a guiding membrane during sinus perforation repair procedures.

OssGuide™ membrane for sale can be used in any surgery where a durable absorbable collagen membrane should be used.

Cross-Linked OssGuide™ Collagen Barriers Last longer

The most durable membrane barriers are cross-linked to ensure stability and protection throughout even the longest healing periods. OssGuide™ collagen barriers are naturally cross-linked thanks to their organic structure.

Even after three months, OssGuide™ collagen barriers will still offer protection for the regenerative site, especially when compared to synthetic membranes that have thinner collagen fibrils that aren’t cross-linked.

Durability is aided by the high tensile strength, ensuring that OssGuide™ collagen barriers perform well with minimal risk of suture pull-out. Whether dry or wet, OssGuide™ collagen barriers display higher tensile strength than a comparable non-cross-linked membrane. Tensile strength testing with nylon to simulate suture pull-out has similar results where OssGuide™ collagen barriers outperform traditional solutions. Wet performance is better by almost 2x in most cases, making OssGuide™ the obvious choice for use within the oral cavity.

Dental Implant Technologies® Supplies OssGuide™ Collagen Membranes

Professionals in the United States can order the most reliable membranes for guided bone regeneration at Dental Implant Technologies®. We supply throughout the states and offer competitive rates on all of our regenerative products.

Convenient online ordering eliminates the stress of finding the best dental supplies. OssGuide™ collagen membranes are offered in several size options to suit the needs of clinicians and their patients.

  • OssGuide™ OG1520 - 15x20mm Ossguide Absorbable Porcine Collagen Membrane
  • OssGuide™ OG2030 - 20x30mm Ossguide Absorbable Porcine Collagen Membrane
  • OssGuide™ OG3040 - 30x40mm OssGuide® Absorbable Porcine Collagen Membrane

Order online today and get the best surgical outcomes with the most reliable OssGuide™ collagen membranes.