PT-A Air Polisher and Ultrasonic Scaler

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PT-A Air Polisher and Ultrasonic Scaler

The PT-A air polisher and ultrasonic scaler is a combination unit which allows for the prophylaxis of enamel, dental implants, subgingival root surfaces, and root canals. Although using an ultrasonic scaler is an effective tool for the removal of calculus, it fails to remove bacterial biofilm which can lead to gingivitis and periimplantitis. The removal of the biofilm is essential for long-term health of implants, teeth, and gingiva. In recent years innovative technologies such as air polishers have been used to effectively remove harmful biofilm, resulting in superior oral health for patients. The PT-A air polisher and ultrasonic scaler uses a small nozzle which propels prophylaxis power and water to gently remove biofilm without scratching the surface of teeth or soft tissue. This combined with an elliptical ultrasonic scaler makes the PT-A a powerful tool for any dental practice.

Implant Maintenance

A bendable attachment for subgingival polishing is provided which allows dental implants to be cleaned easily and thoroughly. Implant scalars and curettes do not clean implant surfaces effectively due to the complex thread designs of dental implants. The PT-A cleans implant surfaces without damaging the surface of the implant. The PT-A air polisher removes harmful biofilm that scalers and curettes fail to eliminate. This makes the PT-A air polisher an essential tool for any implant practice

Elliptical Ultrasonic Scaling

Elliptical vibration technology is implemented which allows for a 0° angle operation between the tip of the scaler and the surface of the tooth. This helps to disperse the impact between the tip of the ultrasonic scaler and the enamel to ensure patient comfort during the cleaning process. Elliptical ultrasonic scaling also allows for thin tip designs which help clinicians gain access in difficult to reach areas. Used in conjunction with an air polisher, optimal patient health is achieved in a few simple steps without jeopardizing patient comfort.


  • Small caliber air polishing head for more concentrated air polishing
  • Multi-function foot pedal
  • Anti-blocking system
  • User Friendly touch screen
  • Protective outer water spray function
  • Elliptical ultrasonic technology
  • Reduced ultrasonic tip hardness to protect enamel
  • Dual water supply
  • Automatic identification of modes: simply pick up a handpiece to change modes

PT-A Air Polisher and Ultrasonic Scaler
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PT-A Air Polisher and Ultrasonic Scaler


* Please call in for replacement tips and components

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