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Buy Cerasorb® Synthetic Particulate Online

Naturally-derived grafting particulates are considered to be the most biocompatible regenerative materials in the dental industry. However, with innovations from companies like Curasan Inc., synthetic alternatives are now providing some much-needed competition.

Natural grafting compounds are expensive to produce and rely on a steady stream of viable donor bone from either animal or human sources. Synthetics are made in laboratories and are considered by many to be more ethical and more sustainable in the long-term.

While synthetics were once not as effective or as safe as processed natural bone matter, Cerasorb® has made significant advances. This unique synthetic bone grafting particulate is biomimetic, meaning that it emulates biochemical properties of natural bone compounds to an almost indistinguishable degree.

Learn why Cerasorb® grafting materials are the best choice for dental professionals today.

What is Cerasorb® Grafting Material?

Cerasorb® bone graft is an innovative particulate grafting product developed by Curasan Inc. It is made from the latest generation of tricalcium phosphate in its pure-phase form. It is a highly porous compound that allows for a more predictable resorption pattern that is ideal for dental bone grafting procedures.

When used for preservation and regeneration, Cerasorb® synthetic graft can facilitate new bone that is comparable in quality and stability to the patient’s harvested bone. This is, after all, the ultimate goal in any grafting procedure. Cerasorb® ensures that surgeons can achieve expected results with long-term benefits for every patient.

The Key Advantages of Cerasorb® Synthetic Particulates

Every surgeon aims to achieve flawless surgeries with predictable results. Cerasorb® synthetic grafts can help to ensure that this is the case.

Three key elements make this grafting material the preferred choice for many of the world’s leading dental surgeons.

  • Cerasorb® is highly predictable in terms of surgical results. The material consists of 62% interconnected pores, which improve osteoconductive performance at the grafting site. Granule resorption is linear and happens in tandem with patient bone regeneration.
  • The material promotes the formation of osteoblasts. These enable vital bone growth at a faster rate compared to some naturally-derived grafting materials.
  • Cerasorb® grafting material is incredibly easy to handle. This improves safety and efficiency during surgical procedures. Precise placement of the bone graft is made possible thanks to the improved handling.

Dental professionals looking for a synthetic alternative that is 100% biocompatible will appreciate Cerasorb® bone grafting vials. Unlike materials derived from human and animal bone, the risk of incompatibility, disease transmission, or allergic response is eliminated.

Unlike Any Other Synthetic Grafting Product on the Market

Cerasorb® bone graft is unique in the dental care industry. As a biomimetic, it acts just like natural bone elements. Curasan has extensively researched the product before introducing it to the market, and the results of various studies are highly reassuring.

  • A clinical study comparing alveoli implantation of Cerasorb® with that of natural bone compounds found that the synthetic grafting material provided equal results without any adverse side effects.
  • Cerasorb® can also be used for sinus lift procedures. In a clinical study, it was found that this synthetic material was equivalent to an autogenous bone graft. Being able to mimic the materials naturally produced by the patient is an incredible advancement.
  • As a bone substitute during grafting, Cerasorb® synthetic graft has proven to be 90% effective and well-tolerated in a range of patients. This puts it right at the top of the market in terms of successful grafting materials.
  • Cerasorb® works even without the addition of advanced healing therapies. Research shows that the material can treat periodontal defects and is just as effective used alone as it is with an advanced treatment like platelet-rich plasma therapy. This can help to limit the cost and complexity of a patient’s recovery.

Very few bone grafting compounds can claim as many advances and proven case studies as Cerasorb® bone graft. Trust is critical in the dental industry. Surgeons can trust that this product will perform for a range of restorative and regenerative surgeries, meeting the performance of the most advanced allograft and autograft materials.

Ordering Cerasorb® Bone Graft from Dental Implant Technologies®

Cerasorb® grafting materials are available to order today. We stock two vial sizes for convenient ordering for inventory or on-demand surgical needs.

Cerasorb® graft is available in either 1.0CC or 0.5CC vials. We offer discounts for bulk orders, helping to keep surgical costs as low as possible.

  • Cerasorb® Synthetic Graft Particulate 500-1000UM 1.0CC Vial (SKU: S10-V0500)
  • Cerasorb® Synthetic Graft Particulate 500-1000UM 0.5CC Vial (SKU: S05-V0500)

Products are packaged for security. The grafting material is gamma-sterilized to ensure no negative reactions in patients. Packs are double-sterile to ensure safety even after shipping and storage.

Instructions are included with the packaging. Dental professionals will find the procedure to be similar to other particulate products. After removing bone and necrotic tissue, the particulate can be mixed with autologous blood from the defect before filling. The material should make direct contact with bone while avoiding any excessive compression that could damage the synthetic granules.

Membranes can be used with Cerasorb® to prevent cell migration and protect the grafting site. We stock a full range of synthetic membranes that are ideal for use with this grafting material. Explore all our products before placing a new order.

Buy the Best Synthetic Grafting Materials Online

Cerasorb® particulate grafting material is in stock today and ready for order. Place an order for five 1.0CC or 0.5CC vials for a bulk discount. Our online ordering system is both convenient and secure, ensuring that you have access to all your essential regenerative dentistry supplies.

Buy now in confidence from a leading American supplier or contact our customer support for more information about any of our brands and dental products.