NEOPLUG® Resorbable Collagen Plug -5/Pack

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NEOPLUG® Resorbable Collagen Plug

  • Material: type 1 bovine collagen
  • Dimensions: 10x20mm
  • Resorption time: 2-4 weeks
  • Includes: 5/box
NEOPLUG® Resorbable Collagen Plug -5/Pack
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NEOPLUG® Resorbable Collagen Plug -5/Pack NEOPLUG® Resorbable Collagen Plug -5/Pack

NeoPLUG® Collagen Wound Dressing - Resorbable Collagen Plug – 5/PACK

NeoPLUG® Resorbable Collagen Plugs are designed to provide reliable wound dressing at extraction and biopsy sites. Shaped for convenience and compressable to suit an extraction socket, NeoPLUG® plugs are affordable and easy to work with.

NeoPLUG® collagen wound dressings are available to order today from Dental Implant Technologies. With rapid delivery fulfillment, we’re the best dental supply company for products on short notice or to maintain dental practice inventory for upcoming patient procedures.

NeoPLUG® Oral Wound Dressings Key Information

Reliable and with impressive handling, NeoPLUG® oral wound dressings are the smart choice for biopsy and extraction sites. NeoPLUG® dressings can be used for variations of the socket-plug technique and can be used to minimize bone loss and ensure esthetics and stability for future restorations.

  • Material: Type 1 Bovine Collagen (Deep Flexor/Achilles Tendon)
  • Dimensions: 12x20mm
  • Resorption Time: 2-4 weeks
  • Includes: 5/box

NEOPLUG® oral wound dressings by Citagenix® are fully resorbable and biocompatible. Highly purified bovine collagen is used routinely in dental procedures with a low incidence of immunological response.

Nonfriable Sponge Plugs Offer the Best Handling

NEOPLUG® collagen wound dressings are nonfriable sponge plugs that can be handled with ease, significantly improving the chairside process. Plugs can be gently compacted and even cut to shape to suit the root tip, all without crumbling, breaking, or otherwise disintegrating.

Nonfriable sponge plugs are easier to work with than particulates and require no preparation.

NEOPLUG® nonfriable sponge plugs are suited to wound dressing at extraction sites and biopsy sites. As the most reliable nonfriable sponge plugs, NEOPLUG® products are preferred by discerning surgeons for application to moist and bleeding sockets. When used to dress clean sockets, NEOPLUG® oral wound dressings protect exposed surfaces from agitation and further injury, while promoting healing.

Citagenix® Processes the Highest Quality Bovine Deep Flexor (Achilles Tendon) Collagen

Citagenix® NeoPLUG® collagen wound dressings are made from Ultra Pure Collagen™. This proprietary natural collagen is derived from the bovine deep flexor or Achilles tendon. This is one of the purest and most abundant sources of collagen for medical applications. The collagen is then

engineered to fit the clinical application, in this case as NEOPLUG® collagen wound dressing. The Citagenix® collagen used for NEOPLUG® oral wound dressings is reliable, ensuring consistency between products. Any clinician seeking reliable collagen oral wound dressings will find that NEOPLUG® meets and in many cases outperforms expectations.

Why is the Bovine Deep Flexor (Achilles Tendon) The Preferred Source for Medical Collagen?

Collagen is abundant in nature, but manufacturers have the challenge of sourcing reliable collagen that is both readily available in large quantities and consistent in quality. The bovine deep flexor or Achilles tendon is harvested from cattle, providing a reliable source for manufacturers throughout the world.

Citagenix® ethically sources bovine deep flexor (Achilles tendon) for processing from trusted suppliers.

Order Reliable NEOPLUG® Collagen Wound Dressings Today

Dental Implant Technologies is an authorized supplier of Citagenix® regenerative products to clinicians in the United States. NeoPLUG® collagen wound dressings are reliable, easy to work with, biocompatible, and effective for wound dressing at extraction sites.

Order in confidence from our online store and enjoy competitive pricing on NEOPLUG® and a complete range of regenerative supplies.

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