12x24mm Cytoflex® Resorb Synthetic Membrane

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Cytoflex® Resorb Synthetic Membrane

  • Material: PLA/PGA
  • Texture: Textured
  • Dimensions: 12x24mm
  • Thickness: 0.35mm
  • Resorption Time: 6 Months
  • Includes: 1/box
12x24mm Cytoflex® Resorb Synthetic Membrane
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12x24mm Cytoflex® Resorb Synthetic Membrane 12x24mm Cytoflex® Resorb Synthetic Membrane

12x24MM Cytoflex® Resorb Synthetic Membrane

Resorbable membranes are ideal for primary closure when performing guided tissue regeneration (GTR). With no need for retrieval, resorbable membranes can reduce chairside time, stress, and complexity. Unicare produces the most reliable synthetic membranes and with Cytoflex® Resorb, it’s possible to get all the strength of a traditional membrane in a fully resorbable product.

Learn about the technical specifications and advantages of Cytoflex® Resorb membranes and order from Dental Implant Technologies today.

Cytoflex® GTR Resorbable Membrane Key Details

12x24mm Cytoflex® Resorb Synthetic Membrane is an innovative option in a smaller membrane size to prevent waste where extensive shaping and adhesion aren’t required. Cytoflex® meets and exceeds the handling and technical requirements of the most discerning clinicians.

  • Material: PLA/PGA
  • Texture: Textured
  • Dimensions: 12x24mm
  • Thickness: 0.35mm
  • Resorption Time: 6 Months
  • Includes: 1/box

Cytoflex® Resorb is made with a microporous structure that allows nutrient passage while restricting bacterial entry. This can promote the healing and regeneration process for predictable and time-efficient recoveries. Despite being fully biodegradable and resorbable, Cytoflex® Resorb offers the tensile strength usually only expected of non-resorbable membranes.

Enjoy the Technical Advantages of Cytoflex Resorbable Membranes

Every Cytoflex® resorbable membrane is designed to provide the best handling properties to ensure stress-free chairside work.

Being effortlessly pliable, Cytoflex® resorbable membranes conform well to regeneration sites, making it easy to shape the compact membrane around bony defects and soft tissues. Made with a textured surface, Resorb membranes adhere well and are easy to manipulate.

The barrier function is maintained for up to two months, while the membrane is fully resorbed after six months. Unicare water resorbable membranes are biocompatible with no incidence of allergic reaction or any form of rejection recorded.

Offering excellent tensile strength and stability, resorbable membranes in the Cytoflex® Resorb range can be secured with surgical screws or tacks without compromising the structure of the barrier. Dehiscence and tearing during the application or after implantation are rare.

Recommended Applications for Barrier Membrane Dental Products in the Resorb Range

Barrier membrane dental applications for Cytoflex® Resorb are based around procedures with primary closure. Resorbable membranes haven’t been tested or rated and aren’t recommended for non-primary closure.

The most common barrier membrane dental applications are protection for alveolar ridge restorations and periodontal defects that require GTR. Because Cytoflex® Resorb allows nutrient penetration through a microporous structure, recovery times can be improved.

When considering Cytoflex® resorbable membranes for barrier membrane dental applications, some key points can help to make the right decision.

  • Cytoflex® Resorb membranes are made from polyglycolide, polylactide, and lactide/glycolide.
  • Membranes are 100% biocompatible.
  • Barrier membrane dental resorption is completed after six months.
  • The barrier maintains its integrity for two months.
  • Textured membranes improve adhesion and handling.
  • Cytoflex® Resorb membranes are easy to use and don’t require pre-soaking.

Cytoflex® resorbable membranes are metabolized with the Unicare water method.

Unicare Water Resorption Describes the Natural Metabolization of Cytoflex® Resorb

Unicare water resorption is the process in which Cytoflex® Resorb is broken down and metabolized. Membranes undergo a process of hydrolysis. The chemical bonds of the membrane are disintegrated over time, and the metabolism processes the water and carbon dioxide byproducts.

Unicare water resorption is safe and produces no side effects for patients. Barrier function, healing, and recovery are predictable when using Cytoflex® resorbable membranes, allowing for the best possible surgical outcomes.

Buy Cytoflex® Resorb from Dental Implant Technologies

Competitively priced, reliable, and technically innovative, Cytoflex® Resorb is the ideal choice when a strong, predictable, and fully resorbable primary closure membrane is needed.

Order Cytoflex® resorbable membranes and the best regenerative products from Dental Implant Technologies today.

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