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Bone Mill Large
  • Made of surgical stainless steel
  • Designed for the milling of grafting materials
  • Height: 72.0mm
  • Diameter: 38.0mm
  • Can fully disassemble for sterilization

Instructions for use:

  • Remove the lid from the body of the mill
  • Place the grafting material of your choice into the body of the mill
  • Place the lid back onto the body of the mill
  • Press the lid down while turning the handle clockwise
  • Remove the grinding wheel to retrieve the milled bone graft

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Bone Mill Large

Autograft material is considered the most reliable option for guided tissue regeneration. With a quality bone mill, clinicians can process harvested bone material chairside to support regeneration and ensure outstanding long-term patient outcomes.

Dental Implant Technologies is a supplier of reliable dental instruments to clinicians in the United States. Our stainless-steel surgical bone mill is the most reliable option for processing grafting materials chairside. It can be used with autograft or allograft materials, depending on the preference of the clinician and the unique circumstances of the procedure.

Learn about the benefits of using a surgical bone mill, the procedure, and order online from a leading dental instrument supplier.

Surgical Bone Mill Key Details

  • Material: Surgical stainless steel.
  • Indication: For the milling of grafting materials.
  • Dimensions: 72mm (Height) x 38mm (Diameter).
  • Cleaning: Can be disassembled for cleaning and sterilization.

The Advantages of a Surgical Bone Mill

A reliable surgical bone mill gives clinicians the freedom and flexibility to prepare solid bone materials chairside. Whether working with allograft or autograft material, a surgical bone mill makes it easy to prepare chips so that they can be used at the grafting site for guided tissue regeneration.

The key advantage of having a surgical bone mill chairside is that it allows for immediate preparation, enhancing the process for patients and potentially limiting the time and number of treatments needed.

Using Autograft Tissue with a Dental Grafting Mill

Autograft tissue is bone harvested from the patient. It is the most biocompatible option and provides excellent results. A dental grafting mill can process autograft tissue chairside.

There are significant advantages to using autograft tissue with a dental grafting mill:

  • There's absolutely no potential for a negative immune response or disease transmission because the tissue is 100% biocompatible and harvested from the patient.
  • Autograft tissue, when available, is the preferred option for dental guided tissue regeneration.
  • There is well-documented success with consistent and rapid regeneration when using autograft tissue and a surgical bone mill.
  • Autograft tissue processed in a dental grafting mill can be used to repair small and large defects.
  • Patients concerned about using donated material or synthetic allografts may be more comfortable being treated with an autograft particulate prepared in a dental grafting mill.

Using Allograft Tissue with a Dental Graft Mill

Allograft tissue is human tissue that is donated, screened, and processed to be used for dental surgeries. While allograft chips are available in processed form, there are cases where clinicians will need to use a dental graft mill to further process an allograft material for guided tissue regeneration.

Allograft tissue, like autograft tissue, can provide benefits for patients and clinicians:

  • Allograft tissue is commonly used for dental surgery and can be milled in a dental graft mill.
  • There is well-documented success with clinicians using allografts to treat minor and moderate periodontal, socket, and sinus defects.
  • The material prepared in a dental graft mill will support the patient’s natural bone growth.
  • There is a minimal risk of disease transmission with gamma-irradiated allograft products.

If allograft needs to be processed further to suit the procedure, a dental graft mill can be used to achieve the necessary size and consistency of bone particles.

How to Use a Bone Graft Mill

The reliable stainless steel bone graft mill sold by Dental Implant Technologies is easy and intuitive to use.

The bone graft mill is provided in three parts; the lid, body, and grinding wheel.

  1. Connect the grinding wheel to the body of the mill and place the mill upright.
  2. Remove the gold lid from the body of the bone graft mill.
  3. Place the selected grafting material into the body of the mill from the top cavity.
  4. Place the lid without applying pressure.
  5. Gently press the lid down while turning the handle clockwise to mill the material.
  6. Remove the grinding wheel and retrieve the milled bone graft.
  7. Prepare and combine the particulate with any necessary material before performing the guided tissue regeneration procedure.

In just a few simple steps, our bone graft mill will create a prepared particulate chairside.

Order a Reliable Surgical Bone Mill Today

Dental Implant Technologies is ready to supply a reliable surgical bone mill to clinicians in the United States. Offering the freedom to prepare tissues chairside, this is an essential tool for any clinician that routinely performs guided tissue regeneration procedures. Order online for our competitive pricing and the highest quality grafting products.


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