12x25mm Cytoflex® Titanium Mesh

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Cytoflex® Titanium Mesh

  • Material: Titanium
  • Dimensions: 12 x 25mm
  • Thickness: 0.1mm
  • Non-Resorbable
  • Includes: 1/box
  • Unique design prevents osseointegration
12x25mm Cytoflex® Titanium Mesh
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12x25mm Cytoflex® Titanium Mesh

12X25MM Cytoflex® Titanium Mesh

Cytoflex® Mesh is a grafting product designed for alveolar ridge reconstruction and defect repair. It provides a favorable environment for grafting by both retaining the grafting material and guiding the contour of the restoration. Cytoflex® Titanium Mesh is pliable yet incredibly strong and resistant to tearing. It is suited to bone augmentation and will resist osseointegration allowing for the mesh to be removed atraumatically at the conclusion of the treatment period.

Order high-quality 12x25mm Cytoflex® Mesh from Dental Implant Technologies and benefit from impressive technical and handling characteristics that are consistent throughout the range of Cytoflex® products.

12X25MM Cytoflex® Mesh Key Details

Reliability, handling, and impressive patient outcomes all come together with 12x25mm Cytoflex® Mesh.

  • Material: Titanium
  • Dimensions: 12x25mm Cytoflex® Mesh
  • Thickness: 0.1mm
  • Non-Resorbable
  • Includes: 1/box
  • Unique Design Prevents Osseointegration

Each mesh is sold individually and is packaged in a double pouch. 12x25m Cytoflex® Mesh is packaged sterile, ready for chairside use. Pliability ensures that the mesh can be cut and shaped to suit the procedure. Sterile surgical tools must be used during preparation.

How Does 12X25MM Cytoflex® Mesh Prevent Osseointegration?

12x25mm Cytoflex® Mesh is implantable and biocompatible, ensuring that it produces no complications during the treatment period. Mesh can remain implanted for up to six months before removal. Even as it provides a barrier to contain grafting materials and guides the shape of the restored ridge, Cytoflex® Mesh doesn’t go through a process of osseointegration with new tissues.

The microporous titanium structure rejects osseointegration so that the mesh can be removed atraumatically in one piece.

Clinicians can have confidence knowing that Cytoflex® Mesh will provide all the benefits of a high-quality dental mesh without any of the complications that osseointegration with the material could create. Clean, restored ridges are a major aspect of the success of Cytoflex® Mesh in the marketplace.

Applications of Cytoflex® Titanium Mesh

The Cytoflex® Titanium Mesh range is indicated for procedures including:

  • Guided Bone Regeneration for periodontal defects and peri-implant defects.
  • Grafting and restoration of an extraction site.
  • Alveolar ridge reconstruction.

This 12x25mm Cytoflex® Mesh is the smallest size available and is suited to restorations with minimal exposure and where the guided restoration covers only a modest area along the ridge.

The Advantages of Cytoflex® for Bone Augmentation

Titanium mesh can offer several advantages for clinicians and their patients during bone augmentation and defect repair procedures.

Titanium, being biocompatible, is safe for implantation and won’t cause any negative reaction with tissues. Any irritation that could occur can be minimized by cutting and shaping the edges of the mesh to suit specific procedures.

  • Cytoflex® Titanium Mesh contains grafting materials for bone augmentation.
  • Each mesh is ideal for use with PTFE membrane.
  • Surgical outcomes are more predictable and suited to further restoration. Cytoflex® adequately shapes the alveolar ridge during bone augmentation. Contour can be custom set by the clinician.
  • All Cytoflex® Mesh products are compatible with tacks and screws. The material resists tearing.

For the most reliable outcomes, America’s best clinicians choose Cytoflex® Titanium Mesh.

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